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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Southern Pacific University offers two streams of doctoral degree programs. The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) is the highest qualification available to managers leading to the title "Doctor”. The DBA is equivalent to a conventional Ph.D. and its designation as a “Doctorate of Business Administration” signifies its focus on the application of theoretical knowledge to the advancement of management and business practice, rather than the advancement of academic knowledge for its own sake.

The DBA is increasingly recognized by international business and management schools as the most appropriate post-MBA (or equivalent Master degree) route to combining academic research on management and business with further personal and professional development. The program involves both coursework and research and is designed for senior managers who need to develop an in-depth understanding of the latest thinking and technologies that are shaping the global world of contemporary business. The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program is offered in the broad discipline of business administration and focuses on a specific field of interest of the candidate.

The fields currently available for research towards the completion of a DBA degree program include finance, accounting, consumer behavior, marketing research, advertising, banking, investment management, marketing, strategic management, organizational behavior, international management, project management, human resource management, hotel and tourism management, MIS and E-Business.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is offered in the broad disciplines of management, business administration, public administration, computer science, international business, international relations, health management, environmental management and development studies. The field of research shown above for DBA is also available for PhD. The PhD program is intended to conduct research at the cutting edge, lead to the development of new concepts, principles and theories.

Both DBA and PhD programs are designed to help launch and support a career in research, consultancy and teaching, though many individuals will find a doctoral degree to be an extremely useful qualification for entry to the top management careers.

Program Duration: 2 - 3 years

Doctoral Programs are offered through Distance Learning and seminar support basis. Students can enroll for these programs from anywhere.

The applicants for a doctoral degree must hold a masters degree in the relevant field, with a minimum GPA of 3 on a scale of 0-4, or an overall grade of B or higher in the masters’ degree. The selection criteria, however, also include a review of the applicant’s entire educational career; nature and level of work experience; previous exposure to and experience in research in the relevant field; a description of the career goals; and the submission of a doctoral research proposal.

DBA810 Global Business Strategies 4
DBA820 Corporate Strategies and Developments 4
DBA830 Business Ethics 4
DBA840 Advanced Research Methodologies
  Total Credits 16
DBA850 Doctoral Dissertation 16
  Total degree requirements 32

After successful completion of the course work, the candidate will select a topic in consultation with his/her advisor appointed by SPU. The candidate will submit his/her dissertation proposal to the appointed supervisor and upon approval of the proposal the candidate will conduct research and complete his/her dissertation. This stage, requiring independent research, offers each candidate the opportunity to deal deeply into some problem requiring philosophical treatment. The candidate who is declared successful in defense of his/her thesis will be awarded doctoral degree.

Dissertation Requirements:
Every candidate for DBA and PhD must prepare and present a dissertation. The requirement for DBA dissertation is approximately 45,000 words while for PhD dissertation requirement is approximately 60,000 words.  DBA dissertation may be undertaken within any of the functional areas of an organization, e.g. information systems, marketing, accounting, and organization behavior but is not restricted to those areas. For example there are emerging areas for research which offer exciting possibilities, including small business management and family businesses.

DBA/PhD dissertation must be an independent effort which contributes to the accumulated wisdom of the field in which it is written. All dissertations must meet rigorous academic standards and be professionally prepared in a format suitable for reproduction. Three copies of the dissertation with appropriate abstracts must be submitted for review to SPU.

Research Proposal:
Your preliminary research proposal is the key component of your application for a doctoral program. You should pay considerable attention to the preparation of a convincing outline, including the following contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. Identification of the broad field of study

  3. Identification of the specific field of study

  4. Research Problem

  5. Research methodology

  6. Research project time line

  7. Research work already completed

  8. Bibliography

  9. Appendix

The research proposal should be of 750 - 1200 words; typewritten on one side of the page, doubled-spaced, with 2- inch left and right margins.