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Online or E-learning brings classroom to your computer instead of taking you to the classroom. Evolution of information technology has given rise to new ways of imparting education, particularly Distance Learning, which can now be effectively enriched with computer communication technology. E-learning is basically distance learning augmented by computer communication technology. It is more effective distance learning anywhere, anytime. This new mode of learning also addresses the issue of interaction with instructor. The participants in e learning can become a part and get the feel of a virtual classroom, where interaction with instructor and other participants is possible.


Distance Education is "education at a distance." The instructor and students do not meet in a classroom but interact remotely from their separate locations - wherever that may be. Distance Education courses are offered as a convenient alternative for students who cannot attend traditional classes due to time and/or location constraints The idea of Distance Learning may sound "foreign" to those students whose mental picture of a college is a campus with dormitories, athletic facilities and a towering library. Anyone who values the convenience and flexibility of learning anytime and anyplace. In these busy times, that includes just about everybody! However, certain people find it particularly valuable. For example, adults whose work schedules make it impossible to attend daytime classes find they appreciate the opportunity to learn at home on their own time.