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Distinctive Features

There are 4 unique features that make Southern Pacific University programs accepted by students internationally.

1) Delivery :- SPU's distance learning study materials are designed for self-directed independent study by the students with a continual guidance provided by the instructor through frequent evaluation of students mail in answers. Each module consists of learning materials including practice exercises with solutions and multiple choice examinations or assignments.

The mail in answers as they arrive, are read carefully by experienced distance learning faculty and will be returned to the student with constructive comments and a letter grade. In some cases, a term or research paper may be required.

In general students study one module at a time, which will enable them to focus on the subject being studied. Students will be given pertinent guidance until all the requirements for graduation are met.

2) Home Study:
The ideal way for busy people to train :-Home is the " Campus of Choice" for millions of people around the Globe. Home study lets you develop sold career skills while learning at your own time, without disrupting your job, your family or schedule of leisure activities. All test study packages and other relevant materials are sent complete to your home.

3) Assessment :- Assignments, Tutorials, Case Studies, Projects, Thesis or Dissertation and open book exams let you lock in the skill you learn.

4) A Flexible Program With Facilities And Services To Ensure Successful Completion :- Although highly demanding and rigorous, this program has been designed to meet the needs and requirements of busy people. The course continuity will not affected if a participant does not pass a particular module. A retake of examinations is allowed and can be done when a participant is ready.

The program is designed to boost your personal development while maintaining your employment. All additional services and administrative backup required for the successful completion of this program will be provided.

Finally, the fee structure is developed to minimize cost incurred by participants and kept at the lowest level. Various payment plans are provided in the admission form to meet the requirements of different income groups.