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The following list of Online Universities and Colleges has been prepared based on the criteria of personal interviews with past students, and also based on the success of the courses offered with respect to international recognition of the degrees, usefulness in career advancement, and securing meaningful employment. View the University listing

Whataboutu.com is a member of the WorldViewer.com Network. Being a notable part of the WorldViewer.com GRIDS (Global Resource Internet Directory System), Starsforetell.com offers visitors the benefit of better resources which is easy-to-navigate and easily accessible as well; and small & medium-sized businesses the benefits of optimum reach and GOTS (Gross Opportunities To See) among its target audience. View the University listing

Bobbakazoo.com is the one and only portal you need for finding what you want on the internet. Browse through our collection of sites and products to find exactly what you want, when you want it. View the University listing

WebPreneurship.com  mission is to seek out and in turn provide information and resources about prospective entrepreneurial opportunities, alternative careers, and traditional employment for our visitors. In today's world we all face difficult career and lifestyle choices. However, it is our belief that information provides the power of choice. Without this power to pursue other avenues toward personal and career success, the individuals we serve may otherwise feel hopelessly trapped in a business, employment, or lifestyle situation. Now you have a place to visit and think about ways to create the life you want. Quit daydreaming, and do something. Now is the time for you to take control—TODAY! View the University listing

ITEA publisher works in cooperation with the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, NCATE to improve Technology Teacher Education. View the University listing
EduNEXT is a Service Provider of education services, a divison of Team Business Group of Companies, bringing together 15 years of Corporate and community experience and a select management team. EduNEXT answers the increasing demand for education services and resources from members of the education and youth community. View the University listing