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Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management
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Introduction To Program
This programme’s content aligns with the framework of the Supply-Chain Council’s Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR). While in the form of a template, this model places operations planning and control centrally in a way that prior implicit framings did not and so provides a basis for the strongly conceptual navigations that supply-chain managers face in their everyday lives. The programme combines strong human factor, cause-effect modelling, and process improvement orientations to leverage innovative opportunities. To specifically target those currently employed, or seeking employment, in a variety of technology rich industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Biotechnology and Manufacturing, who require a degree qualification and are seeking the same for professional advancement

SPU program objective is to provide the academic tools necessary for managers, administrators, and executives to direct their organization with sound business judgment and leadership anchored in acquired knowledge.

Entry Requirement
The program is designed for those who have an associate degree or post school diploma or equivalent qualification in Supply Change Management Studies. Mature candidates who have substantial working experience of at least 2 years may also be eligible. The SPU requirement for the award of BBA is 120 credit hours. Students receive an advanced standing of 60 credit hours on entry to the program.

Program Outline
Brief outline of the program is as follows;


  Quality Management - CRM


  Introduction of Supply Chain Management


  Principles of Marketing


  Introduction to Models and Frameworks for SCM


  Plan Within Supply Chains


  Principles of Management


  Plan Within Supply Chains


  Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management


  Information Systems & Decision Support




  Strategic Management


  Source Within Supply Chains


  Deliver & Return within Supply Chains