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BSC In Health & Counseling

Introduction To Program
The program is designed and developed for working professionals who aspire to administrative and management roles in a health, social care or counseling environment. The Bachelor of Health and Counseling (B.HC.) offered by the Southern Pacific University provides an innovative and convenient program of study, leading to a worthy credential. The program offers you-the self-directed, motivated adult learner-the needed flexibility to accommodate your busy lifestyle while pursuing your career goals. The program's mission is to develop in its graduates a strong theoretical foundation and the skills needed to optimize health and counseling effectiveness and maximize student achievement. Through study and reflection, students approach practice systemically-with the goal of proactive health and counselling practice. The program's focus is on textual presentation, application, reflection, and the importance of health and counselling in a global setting.

Take your first step toward becoming a strong and innovative health and counselling professonal by earning the Bachelor of Health and Counseling through the Southern Pacific University's distance learning program or through an accredited campus. Whatever your motivation-career advancement, increased salary, or sense of pride in your accomplishment, this rigorous program of study prepares you for the challenges and rewards of becoming a practitioner in the health and counselling environments.

Entry Requirement
The program is designed for those who have an associate degree or post school diploma or equivalent qualification in Health or Counseling. Mature candidates who have substantial working experience of at least 2 years may also be eligible. SPU requirement for the award of B.HC. is completion of 120 credit hours. Student entering into the program with an associate degree or equivalent qualification in relevant discipline would receive an advanced standing of 60 credit hours.

Program Outline
Brief outline of the program is as follows;


  Research Techniques for the Health Sciences I


  Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology


  Concepts and Skills in Counseling


  Introduction to Health Occupations


  Research Techniques for the Health Sciences II


  Nutrition and Human Body Systems


  Counseling and Psychotherapy: Skills, Strategies, and Techniques


  Health Care Fundamentals: Concepts, Process, and Practice


  Research Techniques for the Health Sciences III


  Global Health Care Systems: Characteristics, Issues, Reforms


  Management for Health Care Institutions


  Information Technology for the Health Professions