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Introduction To Program
The program is designed for students who wish to combine a traditional Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a study of the emerging electronic business environment, including electronic communications, Web publishing, and Internet marketing techniques. Electronic commerce is a new medium that is changing relationships in the business world, linking businesses and consumers, and building new business communities by enabling businesses to conduct more of their business electronically. Many activities encompass e-commerce including web hardware and networking, web server and software tools, marketing, legal and tax issues, security, electronic payment systems, supply chain management, and e-commerce strategy development. Objective of the program is to provide the academic tools necessary to managers, administrators, and executives to direct their organization with sound business judgment and leadership anchored in acquired knowledge.

Entry Requirement
SPU requirement for the award of BS in Business & E-commerce is completion of 120 credit hours. Student entering into the program with an associate degree or equivalent qualification in relevant discipline would receive an advanced standing of 60 credit hours.

Program Outline
Brief outline of the program is as follows;

BSEC310   Information Systems Management



  Introduction to Business
BSEC330   Cyber Law
BSEC340   Internet, Web and Multimedia
BSEC350   Economics

Principles of Management

BSEC370   Fundamentals of E-Commerce
BSEC380   Human Resource Management
BSEC390   Corporate Finance
BSEC400   Dissertation
BSEC410   Marketing and the Internet
BSEC420   Business in Electronic Commerce
BSEC430   Database Management