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Introduction To Program
The fundamental objective of a private organization is to maintain efficiency and profitability in the face of shifting consumer tastes and needs, accelerating technological complexity, economic interdependence, domestic and foreign competition. Similarly, non-profit organization and government agencies must effectively implement programs subject to budgetary constraints and shifting public preference. General managers and top Executives try to ensure that their organization meets these objectives. Administrators work in private and government sectors, and their range of responsibilities is broad. They coordinate and direct support services, which may include budgeting; administration; strategic planning, information processing; and other related responsibilities.

SPU program objective is to provide the academic tools necessary for managers, administrators, and executives to direct their organization with sound business judgment and leadership anchored in acquired knowledge.

Entry Requirement
The program is designed for those who have an associate degree or post school diploma or equivalent qualification in Business Studies. Mature candidates who have substantial working experience of at least 2 years may also be eligible. The SPU requirement for the award of BBA is 120 credit hours. Students receive an advanced standing of 60 credit hours on entry to the program.

Program Outline
Brief outline of the program is as follows;


  Information Systems Management


  Introduction to Business


  Principles of Marketing


  Internet, Web and Multimedia




  Principles of Management


  Business Law


  Human Resource Management


  Corporate Finance




  Management Accounting


  Business Mathematics


  Computer Systems